Supported realtime PCR kits

The list of real-time PCR kits that are currently supported by OnlinePCR. You can display detail of kit by clicking on its name or View button. A custom plate setup can be created from this kits by clicking on Plate setup button. You can register a new kit here using Create kit button. More info in kits documentation...

Name Manufacturer Genes Actions
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GeneProof PAI-1 Genotyping PCR Kit GeneProof PAI-1 A, PAI-1 B View
gt Hepatitis D RNA Detection Kit GeneTrac Hepatitis D View
gt Hepatitis E RNA Detection Kit GeneTrac Hepatitis E View
gt Hepatitis B DNA Detection Kit GeneTrac Hepatitis B View
gt Hepatitis C RNA Detection Kit GeneTrac Hepatitis C View
artus VZV PCR Kits CE QiaGen Varicella zoster virus View
artus HSV-1/2 PCR Kits CE QiaGen Herpes simplex virus type 1, Herpes simplex virus type 2 View
artus BK Virus PCR Kits CE QiaGen BK Virus View
artus HI Virus-1 RT-PCR Kits CE QiaGen Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 View
artus HBV PCR Kits CE QiaGen Hepatitis B View
artus HCV RT-PCR Kits CE QiaGen Hepatitis C View
artus EBV PCR Kits CE QiaGen Epstein-Barr virus View
artus Parvo B19 PCR Kits CE QiaGen Parvovirus B19 View
artus CMV PCR Kits CE QiaGen Cytomegalovirus View
gt Aspergillus spp. DNA Detection Kit GeneTrac Aspergillus Fumigatus, Aspergillus Species View
TaqMan Cronobacter sakazakii Detection Kit Applied Biosystems Cronobacter sakazakii View
TaqMan Staphylococcus aureus Detection Kit Applied Biosystems Staphylococcus aureus View
Norovirus GI Detection Kit Ceeram Tools Norovirus GI View
Norovirus GII Detection Kit Ceeram Tools Norovirus GII View
MicroSEQ Listeria monocytogenes Detection Kit Applied Biosystems Listeria monocytogenes View