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Developed devices

Name Type Capacity
Rotor-Gene 6000 rotary 36 or 72
Rotor-Gene Q rotary 72 or 100
Rotor-Gene 3000 rotary 36 or 72

Distributed kits

Name Genes
artus VZV PCR Kits CE Varicella zoster virus
artus HSV-1/2 PCR Kits CE Herpes simplex virus type 1, Herpes simplex virus type 2
artus BK Virus PCR Kits CE BK Virus
artus HI Virus-1 RT-PCR Kits CE Human immunodeficiency virus type 1
artus HBV PCR Kits CE Hepatitis B
artus HCV RT-PCR Kits CE Hepatitis C
artus EBV PCR Kits CE Epstein-Barr virus
artus Parvo B19 PCR Kits CE Parvovirus B19
artus CMV PCR Kits CE Cytomegalovirus

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Can I see how it works?

Absolutely, just check our demo application and browse through analysis results in read only mode.

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Of course, you can add your company and products for free. Just contact our support.