About PCR kits

Online PCR provides a database of real-time PCR kits. It is possible to search in the list of kits, sort the list or filter it. Additionally, user can add a kit to the list if it is not present yet. Each kit can be used for generating template file for PCR desktop softwares. The list is available under menu option Kits.

Searching for alternative

The detail of the selected PCR kit will be shown by clicking on a name of kit. The detail is composed of a short description of the kit, kit's summary, and a part with buttons for generating template files (templates). If there are alternatives for the selected kit in the internal database, these are listed in a table. Clicking on a name of alternative kit will show its detail.

Measurement templates

Various software used for controling PCR devices and acquiring real-time PCR data support so called template files serving for preconfiguration of experiment. OnlinePCR provides a system for generation of such templates.

Rotorgene templates

Rotorgene software supports (.ret) template files. This format is able to describe sample list, temperature profile and acquisition mode (from which channels fluorescences will be acquired). The tamplate is filled according to the selected kit. So, the operator using this tamplate saves their time, because most of necessary informations will be preset after opening the file. The simplest way, how to perform analysis of some PCR experiment, is uploading rotorgene experiment file (.rex) based on the downloaded template.

Adding new kit

New PCR kits can be added if someone uses kit not available in the internal database. Kits can be added as experimental or certified.

Adding experimental kit

The possibility of adding experimental kits is targeted at scientific institutions like universities or experimental laboratories which do not use commercial kits. They, tipicaly, prepare own mixtures and do not distribute these out of the institution. Therefore, PCR kits, added as experimental, are visible only for users registered under the same laboratory. No validation is needed from us, consequently the kit can be used right after it is created.

Adding certified kit

PCR kits, which can be commonly bought from sellers, have to be created as certified. In order to secure correctness of kit information and reliability of generated templates, thus created kit will be published after detailed check and validation. So it will take some time from kit creation until the possible use.

Find kit

Find a kit template for your device in the list of available kits. Use this template for your measurement. Then you'll create PCR analysis of measured data in two clicks in OnlinePCR.

Can I add a new kit?

Of course, you can; just click on the large "Create kit" button in the list of the kits. You can choose between a public (certified) kit that has to be approved by OnlinePCR admins, or your private (experimental) kit.

Can I add more kits?

If you want to add more kits to OnlinePCR and you don't want to add them one by one, then contact our support and we'll do the job for you. We'll do it with pleasure, because we want to be the largest database of realtime PCR kits.

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