Kit: gt Polyomavirus JCV DNA Detection Kit


Polyomaviruses (family Polyomaviridae) are small DNA viruses. They are potential oncoviruses, they often persist as latent infections in a host without causing any disease. The name polyoma refers to the viruses' ability to produce multiple (poly-) tumors (-oma). JC virus infects respiratory system, kidney and brain. Sometimes it causes fatal progressive multifocal leukoencephalo­pathy.

Alternatives for: JC virus

Name Manufacturer
GeneProof JC Virus (JCV) PCR Kit GeneProof
GeneProof BK/JC Virus (BK/JC) PCR Kit GeneProof


Single target + Internal Control
JC virus

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Real time PCR kit for molecular diagnostics is a set of chemicals neccessary for detection of target RNA or DNA sequence. It is typically composed of set of PCR primers, hybridization probe and MasterMix.