Kit: gt Parvovirus B19 DNA Detection Kit


Parvoviruses are DNA viruses from family Parvoviridae, these are one of the smallest viruses at all (Latin parvus = small). They infect various animals (incl. for example starfishes) and humans. Parvovirus B19 (Primate erythroparvovirus 1; B19 virus; erythrovirus B19) was the first known (until 2005 the only known) parvovirus infecting humans. Parvovirus B19 infects only humans. On the other hand parvoviruses infecting dogs and cats do not infect humans.

Alternatives for: Parvovirus B19

Name Manufacturer
artus Parvo B19 PCR Kits CE QiaGen
FTD Fever and rash - First tube Fast-track diagnostics
FTD Neuro 9 - Fourth tube Fast-track diagnostics


Single target + Internal Control
Parvovirus B19

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Real time PCR kit for molecular diagnostics is a set of chemicals neccessary for detection of target RNA or DNA sequence. It is typically composed of set of PCR primers, hybridization probe and MasterMix.