Kit: gt Mycoplasma genitalium DNA Detection Kit


Mycoplasma is extensive genus of bacteria, typical by lack of the cell wall (only cytoplasmatic membrane is present). This anomaly generates significant resistence against several antibiotics (penicillin and other beta-lactam antibiotics). It includes many pathogenic species (e.g. M. pneumoniae, M. genitalium, or M. hominis). Mycoplasma genitalium is sexually transmitted pathogen with possible high morbidity rates. It has been associated with pelvic inflammatory diseases.

Alternatives for: Mycoplasma genitalium

Name Manufacturer
Genesig Mycoplasma genitalium Primerdesign
FTD Urethritits basic Fast-track diagnostics
FTD Vaginal swab - First tube Fast-track diagnostics
FTD STD9 - First tube Fast-track diagnostics
FTD Urethritis plus - First tube Fast-track diagnostics


Single target + Internal Control

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Real time PCR kit for molecular diagnostics is a set of chemicals neccessary for detection of target RNA or DNA sequence. It is typically composed of set of PCR primers, hybridization probe and MasterMix.