Kit: gt Mycobacterium tuberculosis DNA Detection Kit


Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) is a pathogenic bacteria from family Mycobacteriaceae causing the most cases of tuberculosis (TB). The bacteria usually infests lungs, but can spread to liver, spine or brain. Quite often there are Mycobacterium outbreakes caused by hypervirulent strains of M. tuberculosis.

Alternatives for: Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Name Manufacturer
GeneProof Mycobacterium tuberculosis PCR Kit GeneProof
Genesig Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex Primerdesign


Single target + Internal Control

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What is PCR kit?

Real time PCR kit for molecular diagnostics is a set of chemicals neccessary for detection of target RNA or DNA sequence. It is typically composed of set of PCR primers, hybridization probe and MasterMix.