RDML format


The RDML file format is developed by the RDML consortium and can be used free of charge. The RDML file format was created to encourage the exchange, publication, revision and re-analysis of raw qPCR data. The core of an RDML file is an experiment, not a PCR run. Therefore all the information is collected which is required to understand an experiment. The structure of the file format was inspired by a database structure. In the file are several master elements, which are then referred to in other parts of the file. This structure allows to reduce the amount of redundant information and encourages the user to provide useful information.

Supported by devices

Name Manufacturer Capacity
StepOne Applied Biosystems 48
CFX96 Touch Bio-Rad 96
CFX384 Touch Bio-Rad 384
LightCycler 96 Roche 96
StepOnePlus Applied Biosystems 96

Considered using RDML?

OnlinePCR team puts effort into unification of whole PCR process. Thus, we are fans of RDML format and RDML consortium.