Rotor-Gene 6000


The Rotor-Gene 6000 uses a centrifugal rotary design, ideal for even the most demanding requirements of real-time thermo-optical analyses. It supports the broadest range of applications, including quantification, HRM (high-resolution melt), end-point, association/disassociation (i.e. melting/annealing) kinetics, and nucleic acid concentration measurement. It has an optical range, with 6 channels spanning UV to infra-red wavelengths

Supported formats

Format Manufacturer Support
REX QiaGen Native

Supported channels

Name Color Source Detector
FAM  green 495 520
JOE  yellow 520 548
ROX  orange 575 602
Cy 5  red 649 670
LightCycler 705  crimson 685 705


36 or 72 samples
5-100 ┬Ál
0.1 ml, 0.2 ml