Plate setup configurator

Device settings

Device type: Rotor-Gene Q with (FAM, JOE...) naming convention. Change

Kit settings

Select one or more realtime PCR kits for that you want generate a template...


This form helps you to generate a plate setup template file for your device and one or more PCR kits.

Choose a device

Select a device on which the real-time PCR method will be performed. If your device is not supported, please write us.

Add kit(s)

Add one or more kits of choice to your template. Standard samples with same concentration can be repeated (2 = duplicates, 3 = triplicates, etc.), unknown samples can be added to the template. For advanced configuration click on edit.

Quantitative analysis

If checkbox 'Quantitative' is checked, then the template will contain a sample list also with standards (in the case the selected kit contains it). Otherwise, only positive and negative controls will be present in the template.

Template Download

Download one of following templates for your device. It will help you speed up the measurement analysis process in OnlinePCR: