Channel: Quasar 705

Supported by devices

Channel 'Quasar 705' is used by following devices that are supported by OnlinePCR. If you cannot find your device here, please contact us.

Device Manufacturer
CFX384 Touch Bio-Rad
CFX96 Touch Bio-Rad

Similar channels

The names of following channels differ from 'Quasar 705'; however, they use same or very similar source / detector frequencies. Click on channel name to see which device(s) are supported.

Name Color Source Detector
LightCycler 705  crimson 685 705
DY-682  crimson 690 709
ATTO 700  crimson 700 719
ATTO 740  crimson 740 764
DY-782  crimson 782 800


Quasar 705