Analysing data with OnlinePCR

Analysis of real-time PCR data with OnlinePCR is easy and fast, especially if our preconfigured measurement templates are used. You can read more about selecting and downloading kit templates in our kit documentation.

Analysis process

If OnlinePCR kit templates were used for data measurement, then preferred analysis method and channel have to be selected. Consequently the list of results will display. We strongly recommend using our preconfigured kit templates.

Without kit template

If data were measured without OnlinePCR kit template; for instance, it was uploaded from an archive with older measurements, then any supported kit(s) can be assigned to measurement in the measurement detail. After this step an analysis can be performed in the standard way.

Initial concentrations for quantitative analysis

Sometimes it might happen that information about initial concentration of standard samples is not present (laboratory staff didn't fill it). Since this information is crucial for the quantitative analysis, user is asked by OnlinePCR to input initial concentrations for selected samples during the analysis process.

Advanced analysis

An advanced can be launched from the detail of each measurement. After clicking on "Advanced..." a new window with settings form will appear. The following options are available:

  • Input number of first values to ommit
  • Select smoothing (moving averages) filter
  • Toggle normalization filter
  • Toggle manual sample editation

The results

After successful analysis a screen with results is loaded where a table with positivity / negativity status for all analysed samples is shown. Samples with positive status are marked with green color, negative (not amplified) are marked with red. If quantitative analysis was peformed, then also more detailed table with sample initial concentrations can be displayed.

Sample detail

A detailed result for each sample is available by clicking on "detail" button in the list of results. In this detail amplification curve of selected sample can be observed.

Sample history

By clicking on the "history" button in the list of results, the history of the selected sample can be displayed. In case sample with same name appeared in the previous analyses of different measurement files with same kit and channel, then a chart and table with concentration history will be displayed.

All channels

In the base result window also an option "All channels" is available. After clicking on this option a simple table appears in which sample status can be compared across all different channels that were used in selected measurement.

Try OnlinePCR

Try PCR analysis with OnlinePCR now. Its easy and fast. At first upload your measurement. Then just choose a method and you'll see the results for all channels.

Can I see how it works?

Of course, you can login to our demo application and browse through analysis results in read only mode.

Which methods are used?

OnlinePCR currently offers one qualitative and two quantitative methods for PCR analysis. See methods documentation for details.

Which methods are used?

OnlinePCR currently offers one qualitative and two quantitative methods for PCR analysis. See methods documentation for details.

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