About OnlinePCR

What is Online PCR

OnlinePCR is a cloud based system for analysis and management of realtime PCR data uploaded in various formats. Both qualitative or quantitative analysis can be performed at one click for all channels. Immediately a table with results for all channels is displayed. If any information is missing in measurement file, then user is asked for them through a brief wizard.

Through the result table more detailed views can be accessed. For instance, all amplification curves for every channel are reachable at one click, as well as sample detail, or sample concentration history.

The story behind OnlinePCR

The development of OnlinePCR started in the year 2009 in a biomedical company Wolf & Danniel. The core of the software was originaly developed as a control application for a new brand of thermocyclers from Wolf & Danniel production. The device was developed in coopeation with machinery professionals from Technical University of Liberec, software and data analysis team was recruited from Czech Technical University In Prague and testing samples were prepared in collaboration with Pharmaceutical University In Brno.

Both thermocycler and software application were finished in the year 2013. However, a strategic partner for production of thermocycler wasn't found; so the project was stopped and the company put its effort into another projects in the field of molecular diagnostics and flow cytometry.

Two years later, in 2015 Wolf & Danniel's managers and software team came up with an idea of creation of a cloud based system for realtime PCR data analysis. A system that will be able to analyse data from various PCR formats. During consequent brainstorming other features like online plate setup configuration or initial DNA concentration history were introduced.

In November 2015 the beta version of OnlinePCR has been published on domain www.onlinepcr.com.

Online PCR is:

Everyone can:

  • Upload and analyse his / her data
  • Upload information about his / her products

OnlinePCR supports:

OnlinePCR team puts effort into unification of whole PCR process. Thus, we are fans of RDML format and RDML consortium.

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